Can't answer calls when Venu 2 Plus is locked

Anyone else have this problem?

I bought the Venu 2 Plus so I can answer calls during an activity without having to stop to access my phone.

Obviously you want the watch locked during an activity - but I can't answer a call when the watch is locked.

I have checked this - simply by locking it and ringing myself from another phone. The buttons on the display cannot be pressed without unlocking the watch first.

It's pretty much the only time I would want the watch to take the call, as during a ride for example, my iPhone is in my rucksack.

Am I alone?



  • This seems to be working as designed. The lock is there to prevent any false presses. The lock will not allow you to accept any call requests untill you unlock the buttons. This is however a great suggestion! Be sure to submit it by using the Ideas Portal

  • Thanks for the reply.

    It kills the functionality for me.

    It should be temporally unlocked (just like a phone funnily enough - don't have to unlock those to answer) so you can take the call - then simply lock itself again when the call is over.

    It's not a difficult concept.

    I've never once managed to answer the call before the caller has hung up.

    Regarding the ideas portal - nobody looks at it from what I can tell.

    After 10 years plus of using Garmin products (I have about 8) I still can't run in km and cycle in miles - despite repeatedly asking for the opposing field to be added.

    i.e.. If units are set to miles allow a km distance field to be displayed.

    That's not hard either, but it seems to be impossible at the same time.

    Slightly disgruntled customer if you can't tell.