Garmin Venue 2 Plus glitches


I bought a Garmin Venu 2 Plus and I've been using it since January (~6 months) for triathlon training. Initially thought this watch was going to work beautifully, but as time has passed, it has started to become more and more glitchy...

Here are some of the issues that I am facing (that seem to be recurring from google searches) - unfortunately I did not know about these when I bought the watch:

1) pool swimming: the watch will stop tracking laps in the middle of a structured workout, and nothing I will do will fix it.

2) open water swimming: does not have the setting that allow the watch to track open water swims (which makes no sense - it has gps, can measure strocks, etc.)

3) running: now facing an issue where the watch will track my pace, but it will not track distance (example - the watch says I am running at 8:30 min/mile, but it will not update the distance despite me running for ~2 hrs at the aforementioned pace).

I have tried a lot of the things suggested in forums, but they don't seem to work, and I don't seem to be the only one with these same issues...

Conclusion - if you are planning to use this watch for structured triathlon training, I would perhaps consider another watch... It has been extremely frustrating to have issues with the watch during arduous training session where you should be focused on performance (and not getting your watch to work properly).