Manual brightness is weird. When in direct sunlight the watch decide itself to level up. Is it a feature or a bug? (v8.12 and v9.17)

If you remember v 8.12 repaired a bug where auto brightness was always on. Being grateful for that, because it was the only thing that kept me undecided for keeping the watch.

But... What I experienced with 8.12 and now with 9.17 is that the problem is sorta half baked. What I notice is that setting the custom brightness works ok, when I flip the wrist it display directly at desired level without the fade-in transition, but if I am in a bright environment like direct sunlight and I was setting, let's say, at 30% it automaticlly raise the brightness by itself, despite it is in manual mode. Than, after there is no more in direct light. it goes back 30%.

Do you notice a similar behaviour?

  • I notice this as well. Especially because my watch does not turn the display off when I'm running (even with it set to do so). When my watch is in the shade during a run, it's on low brightness, but when I lift it into the light I notice that the brightness increases.

    This is different from when the display is off, because then there is a delay when lifting, so I see the display turn on after my wrist is raised. 

    My assumption is my running form keeps the watch display on, because it thinks I keep raising my arm to look at the watch. This seems like a bug as well.