Issue with Bluetooth connection to earbuds or headphones

When the watch is connected to phone via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth connection to my earphone doesn't work. The workaround is to disable my phone Bluetooth then pair/connect to Bluetooth earphone. After the watch connected to the earphone, enable phone Bluetooth. By this way it can connect to both Phone and Earphone. The next occasion, repeat!

  • Could this be a setup problem rather than a device problem? Are your earphones paired with both your phone and your watch? If your phone and watch are both on, how do the earphones know which to connect to?

    Could just be I'm not following. I haven't experienced this problem on any of my phones (Google, Samsung, Sony) but I don't pair earphones with my watch, only my phone. 

  • Hi Scott,

    Yes, both phone and earphone is paired with the watch. Usually once you have paired the earphone with phone/watch, it will connect to the device automatically after power up. My earphone can only  pair with one device which is my watch but my watch is paired with phone and earphone.

    my previous 645 Music was working fine, i guess this is a software bug in Venu2 Plus

  • yes it's a bug, I'm having the same issues