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Prefer to use Bixby instead of Google Assistant

Good morning @all..,

I want to switch from GA to Bixby and tried everything to get it work (unpairing phone and watch, deleting cache and data of the connect app; factory reset of the watch)

Since I'm on android 12 (Samsung Galaxy Note 20) I can only connect with GA but I decided to try bixby instead.

Only if I deactivate the Google App, I can use Bixby as connected assistant...but this is not my intention to do so.

Bixby is set as standard assistant on the Note 20  but if i press and hold the middle button the GA still wants beeing the standard assistant on the Note 20. There is a pop up, which describes how to set up GA as standard assistant....

it is so annoying...

Any advice?

  • I have the opposite issue, I have GA set as the default, but bixby always opens Disappointed

    I have a S20fe

  • Funny ;-) So we should swap :-))))

  • Looks like you may need to contact Google Support to see if there is any way to NOT completely deactivate Google Assistant, but to use Bixby as the default.  This reminds me of an issue that I am having on my iPhone where I wish to use Google Maps as my default mapping/directions app, by the iOS will ONLY allow me to use Apple Maps as the default.  May be a limitation of the phone.  Your Garmin watch will use the phone assistant that is set as the default on the phone itself.