My watch turns off during a "biking activity". Doesn't turn on until plugged into charger Garmin Lily **Bike Activity Bug**

Since there are no buttons on the Garmin Lily; once it turns off, it cannot be turned back on via gesture or double tap.  

While doing a "biking activity" the Lily shuts off mid bike ride while having ~25% left. I then have to wait until i get home to plug it into the charger in order for the screen to turn back on. The battery was draining fast, ~60% in a 30min bike ride. It just turns off out of no where and becomes unresponsive. When I plug into the charger, it still has the same amount of charge as it did before it became unresponsive.

Example: Watch battery at the start of the activity is 85%, then I take a 30minute bike ride drains ~60% to something like 30-25% then the watch turns black becomes unresponsive before it the battery is technically dead. When I plug it back into the charge it starts charging from 25%. The metrics (heart rate, distance) are only recorded until it becomes unresponsive.

TDLR: There are bugs using Garmin Lily Bike activity. All my problems are only when I bike.


- My watch display is responsive to taps and the gestures are fine except for when the watch turns off during cycling

- Other activity modes have no issues: walking, yoga, and indoor workouts. I haven't any any battery drain or unresponsiveness in any of these activities.

  • I have the same problem. Even with 90+% charge it switches off after 4 miles. Then when I plug it in, power is 25%

  • I just ran into this problem today, too. First bike ride ever taken, batter was at like 80%, wasn’t even tracking the ride intentionally.

    Went home, didn’t think much of it, but i realized hours later that it wouldn’t turn on at all. Was also marked as “disconnected” in the iOS app.

    it turned back on only after plugging it back in to charge— it booted up and still had 17% battery left.