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Wife's profile does not exist on scale.

I have recently purchased the Garmin Index 2 Scale. I have it working perfectly well for me. However, I am having trouble adding my wife to the scale.

I have invited her and she has accepted. She has the scale listed as one of her devices in the Connect App.

When she steps on the scale, her profile is not there. I.E. it suggests my initials, then she tries to cycle through users and there are no other users to choose from. Her profile does not exist on the scale.

Any suggestions?

  • I have the same problem with the (older) Garmin Index scale. I've been trying on and off for more than a month to get my wife's profile to show up on the scale, but no luck! I really hope there's a solution to this soon! I've tried via my mobile phone, the website, and the PC ANT way described in other parts of the forum, but none of the methods resolve it. It also isn't the batteries, I've got fresh ones in.

  • My wife's name finally popped up on the scale todaySlight smile  Looks like whatever was wrong got fixed.