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Garmin Bounce - Connect Messages only over wi-fi


I live in QLD, Austalia. I am noticing with our sons bounce, when i am at work (2 hrs away) my messages always get the !message could not be delivered and only seem to come through once i am back home and on wi-fi. Is there a known issue with mobile to bounce messages?

  • I think I have the same issue but I'm in the US.  I've been through two Bounce watches and both do not activate even though they show they do in the Garmin Jr. app.  The watch signal bars are grey and never become solid white as they should.  Both the original and replacement watches only get messages and update location over WiFi or when in range of my phone.  Otherwise when my son goes to school there is no update until he comes back home.  I've contacted technical support and they have been next to useless.  Really all they've done is verify I have LTE service in my area and "escalated" my issue a couple times and it's just a black hole.  Not impressed.

  • I’m in NZ! And having this exact issue!!! Only purchased the watch 5 days ago. So frustrating!!! I spoke to support today and they said they will be in touch in 24-48 hours. The other family members aren’t having this problem which is weird!!