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Message Notifications not working on iPhone

I recently received the Bounce I ordered and am really excited about it. It seems really easy to use, and I think that it will work really well for my kids.

I am, however, having an issue with the messaging feature, specifically getting notifications on my iPhone. I have all notifications turned on (both in the Garmin Jr app and on my iPhone), and I am getting notifications for geo-fencing , device status, activity started, etc, but I am not getting any notifications for messages. In fact, if I'm on the thread between myself and my daughter and she messages me from the watch, the message will not come through, but if I exit out of the conversation and come back in, the message is there. Seems a bit pointless to have a device to help me communicate with my kids if I can't get notified when they send me a message, especially if it is an emergency!

I submitted this issue to Garmin customer support, but I wanted to document it here too and see if anyone else is having an issue. I would really like to have my kids in the Garmin environment, as my wife and I are both Garmin users, but without the ability to get message notifications, I will have to look elsewhere.

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