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Bounce Losing Battery While on Charger

We have a bounce watch which if left on the charger stops charging at 100% and instead of staying topped up it begins to discharge.  Because of this, if we put it on the charger on Friday after school and take it off Monday before school, it's just about dead.  Is this normal behavior, or should it stay topped up while on the charger?

  • Does it have the latest SW installed?  6.10?  This is the specific issue it was supposed to resolve.

  • Thanks!  It was preordered and I've never manually tried to update anything.  Will try tonight and report back.

  • It turns out it does have the latest version (6.10 as you said).  It looks like the Bounce is actually working normally (stays at 100% on the charger) and it was the power brick it was plugged into which was cutting power, presumably when it sensed the current draw was near zero (always 10-15 minutes after reaching a full charge).  I plugged the USB end of the charging cable into an apple power brick I had lying around and the issue is resolved.  Ankers fault, not Garmins!

  • I found the other day that the watch will not charge if not powered on. Had drained to 0 and powered down then sat on the charger for a day while off. Went to turn it on and it was still at 0%. Charged fine once it got powered on.