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Blue Triangle

Brand new Bounce - after a day the blue triangle came on the screen and the watch is unresponsive. I've held the power button for a minute and it won't reset. I've also plugged in the power cable and that didn't do anything either. Any ideas?

Long time Garmin customer, so I should know better than to assume that any new product isn't super buggy.

  • Did this resolve itself?  I have not found a way to force a restart.  It seems like it's different than other Garmin watches.

    When this happened to ours we just let it sit and eventually it booted to the watch face.  I have not had the blue triangle again after the last firmware update.

    But we still seem to get random reboots or stuck on the Connect to Garmin Jr. Screen.

    The random reboots feel similar to what was happening with my instinct 2.  I have not tied it to starting or saving an activity yet though.  But may be memory related?  I removed several watch faces the girls aren't using just to see if that helps.

  • It did resolve itself.  I let the battery die and then recharged it to 100% and now it appears to be working.  However, I called tech support last night and they want me to return it and get another unit.  I'm going to give this one another chance, though as my kid has had it one day and I don't want to take it away and wait two weeks for another one.  Just for context, the watch has firmware 5.08.

  • Has anyone else had a solution to this problem? Have only had the watch for two week and it’s stuck on the flashing blue triangle for three days. Won’t power off. I’ve let the battery go flat and as soon as you go to recharge it the blue triangle is back. Not happy, still waiting to hear back from Garmin Support after sending photos/video of the issue.