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Garmin Jr app/Bounce does not end live track

Tested the emergency contact on a new Bounce. Now, when I attempt to end the assistance within the Garmin Jr app, it works on it for several minutes (10?) and then errors out and displays the message “We were unable to end the Live Track for **”

how can this be resolved? 

  • Was able to finally resolve by initiating another emergency assistance request, opening the notification and then ending. 

    however, the watch glitched heavily, took several minutes to send the emergency request and it only went to one member in the family group. 

    Garmin, this is extremely concerning given the purpose of this new device.  This may be returned very soon…

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    Garmin, this is extremely concerning given the purpose of this new device

    Suggest reaching out to Garmin directly via chat or phone call - Garmin Bounce | Garmin Customer Support

  • I had the same issue but reinitiating an assistance request did not work. I plugged the watch into my computer and updated via Garmin Express and so far so good. watch did not show S/W version when I synced it with my iPhone and didn't show any updates via phone. But it had two updates on Garmin Express. Currently on S/W version 5.10