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Why doesn't the Varia Seat Rail Mount Kit actually fit Garmin quarter-turn devices?

I have the Varia Seat Rail Mount Kit and it will not accept either a Varia RTL510 or an Edge 1030+.  I know the Edge is not supposed to mount onto  the saddle, however, I wanted to confirm that I wasn't mistaken that the Seat Rail Mount Kit will not work.  I have the Garmin Charge Power Pack and understand how the locking mechanism works.  Unfortunately, the Seat Rail Mount Kit is too small to accept either of my devices.

How is the Varia supposed to mount if the mount is too small?


  • Do you have the right adapter installed?  The website looks like there are two options.  I don't know what the lever lock adapter is, but it looks too small for the standard Garmin quarter turn mounting. Or maybe you put the Varia in place and then flip that lever to lock it in?

    I use a saddle rail mount on three different bikes for my Varia.  Mine are off-brand and only came with the quarter turn style mount.  They work great.

  • That small mount is meant for the RCT715 that uses a smaller and different mounting system. Not sure if more than one mount is included.

  • You are correct, there are two different mounts.  The lever lock system, which is too small, and the standard, Garmin quarter-turn mount.  Frustratingly, the entire range of radars are supported, however, Garmin didn't specify that the lever-lock was not completely compatible.

  • Guess I'm gonna have to go through help desk support *** and call these guys for the gospel according to Garmin.  For them to not specify variances in compatibility is b*llshiite.

  • That link implies that both mounting style adapters are included "in the box."  Any chance it is still in the box?  

  • The listing from Garmin's site is correct, there are the two mounts.  The lever-lock is too small for standard Garmin quarter-turn, whilst the other is the correct size.

  • Looks like both style of mounts should be in the kit

  • Not so much a crime of commission but rather a crime of omission.  There are two different mounts provided with the kit: the lever-lock and a quarter-turn.  The lever-lock is ONLY compatible with the RCT715 whereas the quarter-turn is the standard Garmin interface.  This is NOT at all specified on the website nor the box.  Looking for that psychological bandaide of having the hard, mechanical, and visceral click of the lever-lock physically connecting the not inexpensive radar onto the bike was the main reason for getting this as I also have the Garmin Charge Battery Pack for the 1030+ which uses that lever-lock system. 

    Yeah, so not a little bit of deceptive advertising as there is NOTHING, NOWHERE listed about this discrepancy.  Boo on you, #Garmin.  0/10. Do NOT recommend.

  • These expectations are unreasonable.  To be deceptive, advertising has mislead reasonable consumers. 

    Garmin provides parts to make the mounts compatible with RTL 715s, and backward-compatible with other Varia models.   This is commendable.  And, there is no mystery at this point as to how to mount a Varia to a bicycle, or as to how a 1/4 mount functions. 

    My experience, having used Varia devices for many years, is that the 1/4 turn mounts work fine and more-than-adequately secure Varias to bicycles, even in very rough terrain.   I use my Varia  RTL 515 both on the road, and on my gravel bike that regularly takes beatings.  I’ve never have had an issue with the Varia being knocked loose or falling off.   if you are worried a d want to be cautious, you can buy a silicone cover with a tether to attach to your seat rail.

    What I’d like to see is a seat-post quarter-turn mount  like the one Garmin sells now, but that would allow the Varia to remain horizontal if the mount is installed “upside-down” with the mount extending up from the collar.   This would allow me to simultaneously use my RTL 515 (upside down), a PDW temporary fender, and a small saddlebag.