Why varia rtl516 only 5 lumens while the other brands can provide STVZO compiled rear lights around 30 lumens?


I don’t live in Germany and I unfortunately bought a rtl516 and I am very dissapointed with the brightness actually. I see lots of brands selling rear lights which says STVZO compiled and has higher lumens like around 30 to 35 lumens. I have two questions about the product.

1- Why Garmin is not allowing to solid mode at least as the rtl515’s 20 lumens solid mode on rtl516 if the hardware supports this brightness? Maybe you can add a second mode which has solid mode but 20 lumens like rtl515 via a software update?

2- I also think there can be a user agreement via garmin app to unlock rtl515 features and people can take the responsibility on themselves so users outside Germany will not affected from STVZO rules. Why is Garmin doesn’t allowing this?