UT800 Broken Medal Mount?

Has anyone broken the metal mount (GoPro style attachment point) of their UT800 light?  My light is only a few weeks old and I've been using on the roads and not on the mountain bike so it shouldn't have been too shaken up too much.  Is this a common issue?    

  • Yep, happened to me also, but not much I can do about it now as it is out of warranty.

  • I just broke mine in the same way. I found that  “go pro” tabs on the light were slightly misaligned from the go pro mount under my bike computer stem. I also had to tighten the screw quite a bit to keep the light from pointing downwards. I suppose that combination was too much pressure and so the tab broke. I think it still can stay in place (maybe even better now that the pressure is off ) with the broken tab. The broken tab still can act like a line of wedge to keep the light in place. It’s unfortunate that Garmin apparently only wants us to use this light (it’s a very good light) with their mounting system which is bulky and not very appealing. I hope you figured out a solution for your broken tab.

  • I hade the same problem. I wonder if it is possible to use some kind of other mounting for this broken headlight? It would be a shame to get rid of it only because the mounting is broken. Have someone any idea?

  • Same problem here. I own two UT800's (one for me and one for my wife). Both have on tab broken of. Tried to glue it together with special glue. I think Garmin should make these mounts more flexible on the next model (if there will be one)