Varía Ut800 + vivoactive 3


Some month ago I purchase a Ut800 for use with my vivoactive 3 (Garmin says both are compatibe in the data sheet of two product by ant+) for use the intelligent mode adapt to the speed,

The vivoactive 3 recognizes the ut 800 an connect well but the varia app don’t work properly, only can change to high beam and day flash in the adjust not in main page of the app,

and in the settings no indicates battery level with - - 

I think is only a software issues because both connect, I call to support center, and they says this problem is for the product and Garmin not spend time to solve it, vivoactive 3 and Ut 800 never work properly, 

And I think is this is the Garmin resolution, they need remove the compatibility of the watch with the product becaus they lies to the customers

Regards for the community