Decoding the Number of Radar Beeps

Has anyone figured out what information is conveyed by the different number of beeps from the RTL510 radar?

Garmin support says:

The device beeps one time when the first vehicle is detected. After the threat is cleared, the device beeps again when another vehicle is detected.

That's definitely not what happens with my Edge 130. Most often I get two beeps when a vehicle is detected. Sometimes three beeps. Occasionally four. The Edge is displaying the correct number of vehicles, so it's not over-counting. I assume the support information is just out of date, but I can't make any sense of the actual behavior. (It doesn't appear to be related to either closing speed or vehicle size.)



  • My Edge Explore gives one beep when a slow vehicle is approaching, and two beeps when a fast vehicle is approaching. This is also reflected by the color of the radar strip on the screen (orange for slow, red for fast). Perhaps the Edge 130 provides even more granularity for relative approach speed.

  • Looking at the manual you linked that's specifically referencing the Edge 1030 with a note that "Other compatible Edge devices contain similar settings and controls" so it sounds like certain Edge devices beep differently. My Edge 520 behaves like the manual describes, with one beep when a vehicle is detected and no other beeps until after it is cleared. So if another car shows up before the car that triggered the beep has passed it will just show as another dot on the display without another beep.

  • I believe the manual was written before they changed the beep. A single beep is now a double, making it pretty confusing really. I find it more 'alerting' though. This is on the 530 at least. If you're experiencing the same thing, see if you now have the option to change the alert tone.