UT800 Feature Request

Given that the UT800 has been out for a while and there haven’t been any updates for what seems to be a year, this request may be fruitless, and these may have been asked for before, however...

I’d like to see an option for the Di2 buttons to cycle through all modes > high-med-low-impulse-strobe < rather than just > high-strobe <

and second

I’d like to see an extra low power mode maybe 50-75 lumen used for when climbing, really don’t need 200 lumen when chewing the stem Slight smile

  • One other observation is it would be great to be able to split the light modes between steady and flashing, also, not having to cycle between 200 lumen on a climb, then decide on a descent that I want 400 or 800 and have to go through (Individual mode)

    200lm > Pulse > Strobe (distracting) > Off! (Dangerous) > 800 lumen

    Who ever thought it was a good idea to have standby/off as one of the sequential options??? Last thing you need on a descent is complete darkness!

    It should really be

    Steady Modes - High > Medium > Low > High etc

    Flash Mode - Pulse > Strobe > Pulse etc

    Change between flash and steady modes - 1 second hold of the button

    Standby - 2 second hold

    Off - 3 second hold

    or something like that

    Full Auto it can do what it wants, but Individual mode should be set up a bit better I think.

  • I'd like to be able to set custom light thresholds! Quite often I am in the woods and it's turned itself on when not required. 

  • The di2 buttons for lights defo needs an update. Changing between flash and high is pointless for real world. We need the ability to switch between low and high. 

    Also we need the ability to customise speeds on the UT800. Max brightness at over 15mph? That's max all the time on a road ride, so battery is flat in an hour.