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Physical button confusion

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1.) If I use the buttons to disable the rear light, bluetooth disconnects from phone.
Can I not use the radar and camera with the light in standby mode?! I do this all the time with my RTL510 to save battery when I carry my cygolite.

*EDIT* - It looks like the radar stays connected to the edge when the light is in standby, but it doesn't stay connected to the mobile app. 

2.) I cannot figure out how to use phyical buttons to change the recording mode to radar activated. It only alternates between recording off / always on (and takes pictures). I have to go into the app to use radar recording mode, but as soon as I toggle the mode on the device I can no longer use radar recording only unless I go BACK THROUGH the app again

*EDIT* -  - so the button seems to only switch between camera off and always on.  no 'radar only'.  That needs to be enabled through the light settings menu in the Edge device, or the mobile app...unless I'm missing something.  I do wish there was something on the screen of the Edge unit to confirm recording is active.

  • I do wish there was something on the screen of the Edge unit to confirm recording is active.

    Agreed. This was one of the first things I gave as feedback to Garmin. It'd be great to have some kind of indication on the Edge that recording is active. Similar to the radar status in the top right of the screen when the Radar is paired. 

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    I saw your review as well and it was pretty spot on.  I think the latest firmware either fixed their mobile app connectivity, or I've just been really lucky as it's been working great on my Google Pixel 6.  It's a shame that wasn't the case for the launch should have been fixed by then, like you had said.  I think the app performance did hurt sales on the device, for what is (now) a decent device aside from the video compression.  Hopefully the device can recover, because I'd hate for Garmin to stop supporting it early on, like they did the Varia Vision (which they won't add to the Edge 1040).  

    I can see now why the button only toggles between always on, and off for the camera.  I guess radar only would confuse things, but I think a blinking red light would suffice for that.  Put it in the manual, done.  

    I really do hope they update the Edge firmware to confirm recording tho.  Even if it is as simple as coloring or modifying the radar icon in the upper right corner.  

    So far - I've found that as long as I set the camera to record only on radar activity, it sticks, as long as I set it in both the mobile app, and the edge.  Otherwise I think one device will over-ride the other, rather than sync.