New to Rally 200 pedals - is this normal?

I just purchased the rally 200 pedals for my mtn bike.  I have used the pedals for 2 rides and calibrated them each time.  Note that my exercise load has gone from 250/300 to 450/500.  These rides are all roughly an hour to an hour and a half long and require roughly the same output.  Basically, I would expect some variation in the loads (+/-50) but not the +200 shown. 

Also, see my training status, my aerobic training effect is generally 4/5.  However, my anaerobic is always around 2 or lower.  I'm 52 and generally don't go anaerobic.  But now with the pedals, I'm far above 2.  My ride on 5/13 maxed out at 5 just 40 minutes into my ride.

Lastly, I sure wish my VO2 would calculate correctly.  I did some reading on it and I guess it keeps getting calculated from a 'walks' I do with my wife.  I was hoping when I put the pedals on, it would calculate correctly...  Guess I was wrong.  

Anyway, if someone can help with my training status and training load, that would be great.  If I need to upload more information (power numbers, etc), I'd be happy to.  I just want to get accurate data.  I have also attached a screen print with data from the same ride done about a week or so apart.  Notice the difference in Stamina, Training Effect and Exercise Load.


  • It does look odd, but I don't think it's possible to tell much from just the overview numbers. Avg power, normalized power and max power don't stand up much, especially with 319 as FTP setting. The left/right balance seems off, not sure if that's normal for you or if the pedals are measuring something wrong. In comparison this is a Base ride I did yesterday:

    The anaerobic training effect seems to be triggered from very spiky loads. I once did a steady state effort with low battery in my heart rate strap, which ended up being classified as a sprint effort since the heart rate graph looked like this:

    So I think you have to look at the actual power and heart rate data and see if there is something that looks like more like a sprint/anaerobic effort.

  • first of all your "measured" leg balance is a problem, that 66-33% is abnormal, so something is not good with the connection between the pedals or the right pedal has issue (battery contact problem or any more serious). That should be close to 50-50 (+-5-5 is "accepted" by too high seat height or any body assymetrics, but these can be handled by a good bike fitter). Check your maxHR and rest HR setting in the settings, probably the configured maxHR is too high, you must enter the exact maxHR what you can reach with a short sprint max effort NOW, and not x years ago or in a untrained state, or on a very hot summer day.