battery life when not connected to watch/ bike computer


I just bought the xc200 pedals and I'm curious if the batteries drain even when not connected to a watch or bike computer. Currently I have a Forerunner 965 watch and certain rides and for errands or leisure only and I'm not interested in watts.

If I have my watch disconnected from the pedals will the pedals use the same battery as when actively connected and transmitting data?

  • Hi,

    I cannot answer your question but want to know the answer as when I'm using my bike indoors on a Tacx I have the feeling that the batteries of the Rally drain quicker than expected. In my case the Rally is also not connected to a paired devide in this setup (I use the power meter in the Tacx).

    In have the feeling that the Rally stays in pairing mode and use more battery ithan when connected to a devide. But would be nice to know for sure. I would be able to connect the Rally to my Edge or Fenix, but I don´t really use or need them when riding indoors on my Tacx.

    It would be even better if the Rally turns off after some time when riding with no paired device to connect to, but I guess this is not possible. I think as long as the pedals rotate, the Rally stays in pairing mode untill connected to a paired device. And it could well be that they use more battery in pariing mode than when connected to a device.

    Hopefully someone knows the answer!

  • So I reached out to Garmin support and they told me that as long the pedals are moving they are awake and draining battery, no matter if they are connected or not or a device.