What's wrong with this route?

My Edge Explore kinda had a meltdown today and was not useful at all. I plotted this route and set off to follow it: 


1 - first it tell me this will take a long time to calculate, I should consider adding points. But I'm near the start of the route, would I like to start now? I say yes and start cycling

2 - from this point on it just beeps and beeps and doesn't tell me why it's beeping

3 - after about 5k this got too annoying so I chose to exit the route and just continue to record as a ride. 

4 - after about 30k the ride ended anyway as I got 2 punctures :( but Garmin Connect shows this as an indoor ride with obviously no map. 

Is there something wrong with this route? Is it too long for Edge Explore? What does adding points mean? Has anyone seen this kind of weird behaviour before and knows how to fix it? 

  • but Garmin Connect shows this as an indoor ride with obviously no map

    Did you select the right profile? I think Garmin gets "indoor ride" from the profile or if the GPS is off.

  • Looking at your track I see an overlap with a U-turn. Is this intended 'by design'?
    @ km 2.6 the route goes north on Spatham lane until km 8.3 (crossing St. Helena - South Road), then makes a U-turn back on the same road and @ km 14.0 continues on Lewes Road in the direction of Stone Cross, etc..
    Possibly the Edge Explore cannot handle the forward - backward and the same route again on the way back to the finish. If the overlap is not as intended, you should remove the overlap between km 2.6 and km 14.0. And of course, as @dpawlyk mentions, you should select a bicycle/road profile and have GPS ON with a good fix before start. The route is definitively not too long for the Explore.
    @PARAN0ID if you send me a PM with your e-mail address, I can send you the corrected track, if you wish.

  • Wow thanks, that's a great catch! I think this could explain some of this stuff. That would be a weird behaviour imported from the Strava route builder - I'll fix it and then retry this route again. As for the 'indoor ride', I've never had this before or played with any profile settings, and definitely had not turned off the GPS. Also I don't think it would tell me I'm near the start if I had no GPS signal, so I think there is something else causing this buggy behaviour.  

  • Fixed the route and rode it today. With the u-turn removed it was about 10k shorter. Worked fine, apart from 5k from the end it lost a satellite signal. I knew my way home so it was obviously not a problem, but reviewing the activity afterwards of course shows a shorter activity than reality. I seem to have annoying bugs all the time and I think my unit is faulty tbh. 

  • Is there some apparent reason why the GPS receipt could get lost like buildings, wood, large steel constructions, tunnel, etc.?
    5km from the end the route is crossing a railway and enters the Mid Sussex Golf Course. Maybe tricky circumstances there that can mess up the receipt of a good GPS signal?
    Maybe you can compare with a different device to get more evidence if your Explore is faulty or not?