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Cycling calories (from Edge Explore 2) not being included as Active Calories in Garmin Connect

As per the subject - I used my new Edge Explore 2 for the first time today for two short 18km rides.  Back home it synced up nicely with Garmin Connect, aside from Active Calories.

Some info :

- I also use a Venu 2 Plus watch, worn 24/7 for running and general activity tracking.  It is set up to not create activities automatically. ie: a run, walk or bike ride will only be created if I tell it (or the Edge Explore 2) to do so.

- I use Garmin HRM chest strap with the Edge Explore 2 and have no problems there at all - connects, reads, data syncs, no problem.

- Intensity Minutes for the bike rides on the Edge Explore 2 were perfectly synced to Garmin Connect.

- The two ride activities are perfectly represented in Garmin Connect - all data including calories is correct for both rides.

- I have read in this forum that potentially the Venu 2 Plus is overriding the data of the Edge Explore 2, maybe because it's considered the "primary device".  If this is true, why are the Intensity Minutes in sync but the Active Calories have been discarded.  Especially since those two measures are built on the same HRM data.

- More importantly, I wanted to try setting the Edge Explore 2 to be my "primary device" as some people on this forum have suggested that as a fix.  In Garmin Connect on Android I have found exactly NO place anywhere in the settings to do this. Under, Menu > Devices - both devices are listed, but their order is random, there is no indication of "primary device" and there is no option to set either as "primary device". On my Mac with Firefox it's even worse - yes I can click on the Device icon and see the option to "Manage Device Priority". This spits me into the Settings page where there is no option ANYWHERE to change "primary device".

Am I alone with this problem?  Surely thousands of people are using a Garmin watch for nearly all activities including running and swimming, then switching to a much better suited Edge device for biking?  And surely this extremely common use case would be handled correctly by Garmin Connect, no?  Or am I just crazy in believing that such basic fundamental functionality should never have any bugs in Garmin software ....

Thanks in advance to anyone who has cracked this one Thumbsup tone2


  • Just to clarify - YES I am wearing the Venu 2 Plus during the bike rides.  But I am not asking it to do anything.  I get that it will provide a measure of Active Calories because it's built in HRM is measuring this.  But it is essentially "dumb" during the bike rides as no activity is activated on it (and so therefore definitely not communicating with the chest HRM either) and it is not communicating with my Edge Explore 2 either.

  • To complete - the two bike rides were the only activities I did today and totalled approx 1450 calories (hills...). While Garmin Connect, no doubt based on what my Venu 2 Plus saw in "idle" mode, reads 376 active calories.