Manage Favorites on EE2

Hi from Germany,

i want to manage (install) favorites on my EE2 with garmin BC. On BC the favorite waypoints are installed on the EE2, on the device itself there are no favorites. Can someone help?

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  • Hi from Germany as well :)

    I recieved my Edge Explore 2 today and was also interested in transfering my waypoints (now called favorites) from Basecamp to the device. I experienced the same issue you described. But I found a way to solve that problem. In Basecamp you have to export the waypoints as a *.gpx file. Then you have to copy the exported file via USB cable onto the device. Use the following parh: E:\Garmin\NewFiles\ (if your Edge is assigned to drive E:\) After disconnection your device should find these favorites and also show them on the map. Some of the icons were changed though.