Turn guidance not appearing on new edge explore 2 Komoot routes

My edge explore 2 is new. Turn guidance is on on the device. I had turn guidance when I first went riding. I am using Komoot to plan courses and there is no turn guidance on these courses. I am following the course visually on the map screen. I am using Komoot courses because I have already planned and saved Komoot routes for a tour across Spain and Portugal.

There is no Edit feature in Garmin Connect for me to see if turn notification is on on these saved courses. I am on 10.23 and no updates are available for the device and I have updated maps from Garmin express. 

I would really appreciate help if anyone has had this problem! Thank you

  • "Turn guidance" (the big white arrows) is calculated on the device based on the track in the file. The "turn guidance" is not in the file.

    You can enable or disable "turn guidance" using the menu at the lower right of the "saved courses" list (based on how the 1030+ works).

    I suspect "turn guidance" is not enabled on your device.

    Note that you have to have a detailed map enabled for the area the course exists.

  • Thank you for your help. Oh, am i calling turn guidance the wrong thing? I have big white arrows on the purple line on the map screen. the purple line and white arrows show turns and direction to travel. What I don't have is the repeated beeping that a turn is coming soon followed by the single beep when I am at the turn.

    Turn guidance definitely toggled on. I have checked lots of times and before I posted!

    I am on the latest garmin update for the maps.

  • Yes, "turn guidance" is the big white arrows. You should be getting beeps based on that. Along with visual indicators. These show up about 0.1 miles before the turn.

    The maps don't have to be up-to-date. They just have to be enabled. You should be seeing detail when you zoom in. (I'd guess the map is enabled.)

    You might also need to change the "Navigation Prompts" under Profile -> Navigation. The choices here are "text" or "map" (you might want "map").

    There's another thing, called "course points" that are the pink icons with white symbols on the map. These have their own notification. These are enabled or disabled as a feature of the particular course. Select the course, then settings.

    "Course points" are in the files but only in FIT or TCX files. I believe you only get GPX files from Komoot (you won't get "course points" with GPX files).

  • Thank you so much. I understand better now. I have the big white arrows and I have notice 0.2 right turn arrow etc. But I don't have the chirping warning followed by the beep at the turn. The device beeps for pause and end of ride etc.

    Yes I can zoom maps and navigation prompts says map.