stop / resume track navigation ?

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I will soon go on a multi  day journey following a track, and every day I will have to deviate from the track (to find a hotel or similar). How can I, the next morning, get back to that point where I stoped the day before, or go to nearby point?

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  • (Yes, I know.)

    The 7 digit plus code requires you to also enter a city and state. (The 7 digit code is pretty much just a street address.)

    Whatever is providing the 7 digit code (and the city and state) should also provide the 10 digit code.

  • I am getting the plsu codes from google maps. How can I get the 10 digit code?

  • That's the problem. It's hard to get. A map app (Guru maps) I use on iPhones provides it (in a somewhat convoluted way).

  • 1- Copy the pluscode (with the city/state) and paste it into

    2- At the bottom, you'll see a box with the short pluscode with an up arrow to the left.

    Click on the left arrow.

    3- You'll see the long pluscode.

  • Got it, thank you very much!

  • You might find it easier to use "sendpoints".

    You can enter the 4 digit code into my app (or use the SendPoints IQ app).

    (Note that the IQ app store website is a bit busted at the moment.)

  • I do find it easier to use SendPoints, and can not see the point, or the advantage, of Plus Codes for the purpose in question.. Do you?

  • Sendpoints is proprietary and requires a particular website and access to the internet.

    Pluscodes isn’t and doesn’t.

    Pluscodes are also permanent. The code from sendpoints is temporary.

    Pluscodes are also better known. 


    There is some overlap of use but the uses are not all the same. Sendpoints is actually less useful but easier to use for that purpose (it’s a more specialized tool, which is a fine thing to be.)

    The unfortunate thing about Pluscodes is the difficulty in getting the long form. This limits its utility a lot. 

    My app can easily support both. I’m providing multiple tools and allowing the user to choose which one they think is more appropriate. (And hoping the long Pluscodes become easier to get.)

    (The innovative thing about my app is that it’s easy to combine multiple features rather than having one app for each.)


    I wrote a Windows program you might also be interested in.

  • How doesn't PlusCodes require internet access? I just went to the pluscoe website, created a 10 digit code, and when tried to input it into your widget it complained I was offline. So I had to connect the Garmin to my mobile phone, and the was able to enter the plus code.

    Once I get a sendPoints code into garmin and save the location, does it need anything else to work?

  • No, pluscodes don't require internet access. They are really a version of decimal coordinates (and it's simple to convert between the two).

    My app is doing a check that the pluscode feature doesn't need (the other options do). That is an oversight. Err. I just released a version will move the PlusCode item to the first menu when there's no connection.

    The sendpoints and pluscode just adds locations, which are like any other locations. They get added to the device's locations list.


    In the settings for the GRouteLoader widget/app, add "pluscode" (no quotes) to the Menu field. This will move the Pluscode option to the first menu (and avoid the connected check). Though, the latest version will do this for you automatically if you don't have any connection a phone or wifi.

    Note that there's a PDF manual here for the app/widget.


    Note that you should be seeing a "+ Location" item (after Download)  in the first menu (if you have GPS reception). (This is the feature I was first suggesting to you.) This lets you add locations fairly directly (without much fuss). You can also set this up so that you can add locations with different name prefixes).