Why not design an Edge with the size of Explore and the functions of 840?

A big reason I purchased the EE2 is its screen size. Not to small not too big (which 1040 has). And it’s the size of many handheld devices. A golden size. I hope that Garmin would design an Edge with the size of Explore and the functions of 840 in the future.

  • Explore 2 

    4.2" x 2.2" x 0.8" (106.1x 55.7 x 20.6 mm)


    4.6" x 2.3" x  x 0.8" (117.6 x 59.3 x 20.0 mm)

    You are talking about less than 1/2 an inch. It doesn't seem too many people would care about the small difference.


    The question you have to consider is whether Garmin would make more money or less with the "golden" option.

    The 840 is $450 and the 1040 is $600.

    The size of the Explore 2 is probably much larger than people who bought the 840 would like. If so, purchases of this "golden size" unit wouldn't come from people who are buying 840.

    I doubt there are many people would buy the intermediate unit and not buy a 840 or a 1040.

    Maybe, most of the purchasers would come from people who would otherwise buy a 1040.

    If so, then Garmin would be making less money and have the increased manufacturing/marketing of a third unit.

    The main feature of the Explore 2 is price. It's likely most people buying them wouldn't consider the much more expensive 840 and 1040 (or the "golden unit").

    I don't think such a unit makes any business sense.