Is turn guidance available on all data screens?

Just after some advice please?

I have turn guidance toggled on and it works when on the maps screen.

however, when on a different data screen the pop up guidance does not appear and so I have to swipe back to the map screen. Is that correct?

I seem to recall guidance should pop up on any screen but I simply cannot suss it.

Many thanks in advance


  • Update

    I was advised by Garmin this morning that Turn Guidance is now only available on the Maps screen, This was implemented as a battery saving measure?? I find this very hard to believe?? Is anyone able to confirm they receive Turn Guidance irrespective of the Data Screen they are viewing? Many thanks

  • Do you have an option Menu > Activity Profile > (Profile Name) > Navigation > Navigation Prompts, if so it has 2 options Text Only and Map. On x40 devices the Map option causes the pop up from any data page with the Turn details, Text just appears at the bottom of screens

    Of course the behaviour you describe might be a recent specific Explore “improvement”?

    VeloGPS has YouTube videos for some x40 devices showing this, see their Navigation demo videos

    • Hello, thanks for feedback. Unit is already set to map, so it would appear to be Explore specific. Will take a look at the YouTube videos but I think I am stuck with what I have. Very frustrating!! Thank you