Is Garmin Explore 2 right for Fenix 7 user?

I am Fenix 7 user who is riding bike more for trips not for trainings. I highly appreciate good navigation and reliable data like speed, ascent, HR, cadence, but I don’t need power readouts as I don’t have power meter on my bike. I also don’t need to have training functionality (training plans etc).

I am wondering, because it is hard to see it based on specification - Will Explore 2 or more likely Garmin Connect give me “suffer score” based on my ride? I don’t want to take Fenix with me, but I would like to know what was the impact of ride a bike for my body battery and what predictions Garmin has for me regarding next rides or break between the rides. Currently I am using Wahoo 1st gen Elemnt and it is time to change. I am wondering if Explore 2 will be sufficient for me or I need to choose between Edge 540 or higher.

Thank you in advance for your recommendations.