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Downgrade to version 7.09

Dear all, 
Since the update to v9.07, I have very strong issues syncing traces and calculating routes on my Edge Explore 2. The GPS is unreliable.
Any idea how I can downgrade to the 7.09 version?


  • You can't, you can only reset to factory settings. And you shouldn't. If you are the only one experiencing these problems - and this seems to be the case, otherwise the forum would be full of complaints -, the cause is not the new firmware. 

  • I did upgrade from 7.09 to 8.06 when my device started to crash when it needed to re-route.
    Now I'm running on 9.07 and this issue still exists.
    Garmin is doing very little in fixing this problem.
    Tried everything, restore to factory settings didn't helped.

    Also asked them for downgrade and they didn't help me.
    So you're stuck with the version of FW you have on device.

  • Resetting to factory settings helped solving the issues. 

    Thank you for your replies!

  • Resetting it isn't unreasonable to do. Even (maybe, especially) if appears to be an issue with your unit particularly.

    Resetting might clear-out more things than firmware updates do.

    It's not that inconvenient to reset.

    Given that your issue doesn't appear common, seems fairly likely it's not the firmware (something else got corrupted or whatever).