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Deleting an activity profile?

Is it possible to delete one or more of the Activity Profiles?  I was able to do so on a Garmin 840, but I don't see an option to delete one on the Explore 2.  We really only need/want one activity profile, which is Road, so in an attempt to unclutter things it's helpful to be able to delete the unused profiles.  The manual says this:

Deleting an Activity Profile
  1. Select. > Settings > Activity Profiles.
  2. Select a profile. NOTE: You cannot delete the active profile.
  3. Select Remove Profile > .

But I do not see an option to Remove Profile.


  • You can't remove a profile from the Explore 2. Not using the menu and also not by deleting the corresponding .fit file. If you try, the profile is restored immediately from backup (held in two places on the device), or from elsewhere - I guess it's in the firmware - if you also delete the backup files.

    Also you cannot modify a profile, or add new ones, except changing its name and menu-color.

  • Thanks for the reply. It seems like a strange choice for Garmin to make, but not a game killer in the greater scheme of things.

    Garmin ought to update the documentation to say as much so schlubs like me can stop looking for the non-existent "Remove Profile" button.