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I am looking to do my first multi day ride with my edge explore 2.  I have a file saved of the total route but I wonder should I break the route down into each day having a different file and each evening turn my device off and the next day load that days route or is there somehow a better way of just using one file of the entire route and do you need to keep the device on each night.  

If it is best to use only one file for the multi day route do you just instruct the device to not navigate you to the start each day but somehow just continue from where you are.  I have placed panned where I will camp each night but no guarantee I will be at those locations.

I have used this for day trips of a few hours and love its warnings of turns coming up and no need to verify the name of a road and get out a seperate map.

  • No experience, but if your daytrips have a "fixed" route (you know where you'll start and end each day) I'd split up the entire route in 1 route per day. And just start the new route every day.

    But, I would assume if you keep 1 entire route and switch off the device every night. The day after, when you start the route again, you can skip the start-part and just pick up the route where you left. Perhaps something to try on a smaller route?

    If you're spending the night away from the route, I'd create a new route (navigate to point on the map) to where you want to pickup the entire route again...and from there, start the entire route (skip start)... don't know if this makes any sense? :-)

  • There is a fuzzy limit to how long the course can be (somewhat dependent on complexity). Longer courses also take longer to process.

    If you end-up needing to reload the route in the the middle of the trip, you’ll have to wait for the device to calculate the earlier part unnecessarily.

    If you are stopping overnight, each day is a separate ride anyway. In this case, I’d save each day as a separate activity anyway. Not only are they separate rides, it might be safer to save each day. There’s some chance of the file getting corrupted.


    If you don’t do anything else, the device will resume recording and navigating when you turn it on. That is, you can turn it off and on in the middle of a ride. Try it on a short ride.

    If you aren’t sure that you are going to stop exactly where each course ends, just load the next course if you are continuing further or use the same course the next day if you are stopping short.

    These devices have no issues picking-up courses in the middle (just don’t select “navigate to start”).

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    perhaps user can bring in own experience

  • Have a course per day. Save and upload at end of each day. Turn gps off overnight and charge if necessary.