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Compatibility with USB Mass Storage ?

Would you mind answer some questions I can't find answers in the manual of the Edge Explore 2, concerning the compatibility with USB Mass Storage ?

1) Can I connect to a computer with a USB cable and USB Mass Storage ?
2) Can OpenStreetMap maps be added with the USB cable and USB Mass Storage ?
3) Can I download the routes recorded on the Explore 2 to my computer with the USB cable and USB Mass Storage ?
4) Can I upload routes I want to follow, with the USB cable and USB Mass Storage ?

I also read that you can use the Explore 2 while you recharge it. Do you confirm it ?

  • The only thing you really need a cable fore is to install custom maps or update the existing maps as they our so large 

    All the route Importing is fast and easy from GARMIN connect wired or wireless and everything about a ride can be exported again by wired or wireless connection 

    This can also be done manually by dropping items in specific folders on a usb connection 

    you can charge while using the explore 

  • Thank you for your answer. Re-thinking about it now, my question should have been : can you use the Explore 2 with only open source software ? So without Garmin Connect, as far that I know. Hence my clumsy question to use it with cable and USB mass storage.

  • You can drag any map that meets the GARMIN spec onto the device over USB as the various folders our visible 

    There our  files that can be edited to show a custom boot screen with your ID 

    The connect IQ things allow many many custom things to be developed for the device 

  • That's what I wanted to know. Thanks.

  • Yes to all your questions.

    • The recorded activities are in "\Garmin\Activities".
    • Add course/route files to "\Garmin\NewFiles".
    • (Course files end-up in "\Garmin\Courses".)
    • Copy map files (*.img) to "\Garmin".
    • Make sure to use "Latin" versions of the OSM maps ("Unicode" versions don't work on the Edges).
    • All of the Garmins can be used while recharging.

    I wrote a "workbench" program for Windows that makes dealing with the files a bit easier.

  • Thanks ! It seems unbelievable that there is nothing in the user manual about Usb Mass Storage and charging while in use... Do you know if we can change the routing parameters ? ie to favor small roads, or roads without climbs ?

  • Page 31 of the manual.


    You can change the routing parameters (to some extent).

    Settings -> Activity Profiles -> Road / Whatever -> Navigation -> Routing -> Routing Mode or Avoidance Setup

    (I'm using a 1030+. The Explore 2 should be similar.)

    If you ask the device to generate a route, you can choose between routes by elevation.