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Is it possible to charge Explore 2 with external battery (via USB-C port) during workout / navigation ?


Sorry if question has already been posted, but I can't find answser anywhere.

I want to buy an Explorer 2, and sometimes I will do bikepacking all day long. The battery won't last enough and I wonder if it's possible to charge it during navigation without stopping the workout ?

Thanks for your answers ;-)


  • It should be possible. I can do everything with the device when it's connected to the charger.

    I think that at the time I bought it (very early) i read that there's also a version of EE2 bundle planned that will have the device + the bike holder capable to charge through the holder. But i didn't hear about it since, so probably it's still not available.

  • Edge Explore 2 power mount bundle. Use your powerpack(s) of preference to keep the gps going all day and all night etc.

  • It is possible. I bought it with the same intention, and I haven't found anything that would limit ability to charge it via usb and use it at the same time. There is even a notification on the screen saying "external power lost" when you unplug power source.

  • Power mount bundle is about 100 USD mmore, plus 50 for the USB cable (!).
    For a peice of crap that EE2 is that is just money wasted. 

  • OK, thanks for your answer. So, with this method EE2 battery life is not a problem if you have a powerbank with you ;-)

  • Yes. I went for a ride saw my Explore 2 was dead. Simply strapped an old USB portable charger to my handlebar and connected with the right plug and off I went. After a two-hour ride I came back with full data and about an 80% charge. Very easy.