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Battery drain still present

Are you still experiencing battery drain with 8.06 update? My device still drops 3-5% a day when turned off or when in "sleep".

  • Not when turned off. In sleep there still seems to be an issue with battery drain.

  • With device powered on, hold power button until device shows the screen with power down icon, then release power button while still on that screen. That should turn off your device and fix the battery drain at least until the next ride.

  • Well I was wrong. It also drains the battery when turned off. Totally unpredictable unfortunately.

  • I've had edge devices since the 705 in 2008. I've have never switched the various devices off - just let them atuo-sleep. My Explore 2 (8.06) loses about 10% a day. Out on a ride, it uses about 5% an hour (I use north up, not track up, so my screen possibly doesn't get refreshed as often). I'm ok with this, but just a little puzzled as my 1000 could go weeks in sleep without seeming to lose any power. I say "seeming" because I can't be sure that the power meter is reliable. I always leave my Explore on Indoor, hoping it won't waste battery trying to search for a gps signal. I haven't tried switching off.

  • I can confirm the battery drain in OFF mode. Last week powered down with 86%, after a week in OFF state i have only 55. The power management has some issues.... I am using 9.07 firmware.
    Any helpful hints from Garmin???

  • I'm also on 9.07 and have been decided to try Power Off (in the past, I have just let my Garmins go to sleep). After a full charge, I powered off and have checked every day for the past 10 days or so. Battery has been negligible (still shows 92% today). There is a big proviso here: I'm not 100% confident that the display is accurate because there have been problems with earlier firmware. Would be embarrassing leading a ride relying on a faulty display! To be fair, I haven't had any problems during the past 6-9 months (3-4 rides per week) so hopefully that's now sorted.

  • I can confirm that the battery Is still draining. It dropped from 75% to 50% in a week. 9.7 update. Very disappointing

  • Hi Marietta - 3.5% per day doesn't seem too bad. Was that in Sleep or in Power Off?

  • For me it does that in Power Off mode.

    Only solution (which is against the logic of Power Off mode) is to switch off GPS before shutting down the device.

    Guess that's "Garmin's logic".

  • Hi, It was in Power off mode. Anyway a device in such a state should not battery drain at all. Once I thought I had at least 50% battery but after some days (I don't Remember how many) the battery was below 20%. My previous device ( 530) was much better.