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Elevation not correct

My Explore 2 always shows the wrong Elevation at the start, even if i manually calibrate it. It jumps between 200m, then when i go to Calibrate again via GPS it goes to 140m, then again 160m etc. My old Edge 530 never did this, showed the correct elevation. The problem is my rides elevation are a mess, also if i look at the side by side data to the 530 (my partner uses it) it's clean data, on the Explore 2 the elevation jumps up and down all the time on the ride , even if i riding 100m on flat roads, where the gain would be in 1km maybe 5m, it jumps to +-5m the whole 1km.

Is there any fix for this?

The below picture is a side by side ride for 2h!

  • Have you tried enableing Elevation Correction for a specific worukout in web version of Garmin Correct? Can you see if there is a difference with/without? Also, have you tried cleaning barometer holes on the back of the device?

  • Yes i did. There is a 50m correction, also with strava. The device is almost new, so doubt there would be anything in it?

  • report it to garmin support, because it's an important topic

  • My Explorer 2 does elevation at least as well as my Fenix 6X which means it greatly depends on how much change there is in the  barometer during the workout 

    another significant issue. I found it over the years is temperature change  as compensation is going on and our units do much better if they’re ambient temperature versus living in a warm house then going out when it’s quite cold

    The Fenix always uses the DEM correctly or GPS correctly the Explore kind of sucks and manual elevation input is needed