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Is the Edge Explore 2 worth a change?

I have been using the Edge Explore (1) for a number of years. The battery indication is not optimal but I can live with it. For the rest it works fine for me.
Yet I'm watching the Edge Explore 2. I read good and less good experiences in various forums.
My general question to Explore 2 users: Does the new device offer so much more that it is worth a change?

  • I have a deep dependency and favorable impression of the GARMIN line with my 3 purchases of Fenix series watches 3 through 6X and how  they navigate and provide fitness feedback so the change was painless for me BUT I can see how a new user would have difficulty 

    The Explore 2 was my first attempt at a cycling specific bike unit and made a conscious decision that I did not need to pay the premium for physical feedback features the 6X had 

    In South Carolina there our not any actual bike friendly roads other that a few side streets that have a bike lane 

    Despite other’s complaints my unit seems to be able to find the least dangerous routes Or If I choose the most direct 

    I have has the most successful use when I let it modify the route automatically when I stray off a preconfigured connect course 

  • I can’t answer Explore vs. Explore 2 as I didn’t have the former. I have the Explore 2 with power bundle which effectively gives unlimited battery life.  I ride ultra endurance events where I’ll need very long durations without needing to stop to charge the GPS. I’m happy with this GPS.

  • I bought the EE2 back in July. I like the hill-pro feature, how it displays power info from your smart trainer. I haven’t used nav but it seems okay. I’m selling it because you couldn’t see suggested workouts. If I was able to see suggested workouts, I would have kept it. I picked up a  Edge 1040, which has loads more workout information and I don’t need my watch anymore when I do workouts.

    Don’t get me wrong it has tons of features for any cyclist but I’m starting to do more intervals and it’s getting harder to look at my little watch screen as I’m gasping for breath with sweat running into my eyes and I’m trying not to puke. With the 1040, I have a huge screen.  I can see all the interval timers and steps.