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Heart rate flat lines after intense effort Vivosmart 5 and Edge Explore 2

After last week's update to Vivosmart 5 my heart rate data (being broadcast to my Edge Explore 2) often flat lines after an intense effort and does not drop back again (see screen shot below). I have to stop, end the broadcast from the Vivosmart and then restart the broadcast. The Vivosmart seems to be recording the correct heart rate all the time, but something is clearly awry with broadcasting to Edge Explore 2.

I've washed the Vivosmart and do not have any sunscreen or other goo on my skin and I'm wearing it in the correct place. An ideas about what's going on?

  • That flat line looks like what you get when there's no more data sent to the city file. It will be displayed like that.

    I think similar problems happened to me and others when connected via Bluetooth. Fir many people BT is not very stable but ANT is 

    Unfortunately for some reason I am not able to connect my fenix6 to the edge explore 2 via ANT. I don't know why because I am able to broadcast HR from fenix6 via ANT to other devices and I am able to receive HR via ANT on EE2 when the H10 chest strap broadcasts it.

  • Thanks Gavriel,

    Not sure what the “city file” is. However, your reply alerted me to the existence of ANT on the Vivosmart 5. The default pick up on the Edge Explore 2 was the Bluetooth (which is labelled as “Vivosmart 5”) but there is an ANT connection (which is labeled with an obscure number instead), but you have to go through the Bluetooth screen first. It would be nice if the manuals matched the software. 
    So I’ll try ANT connection for now and see if that works better. 

  • What do you mean on "have to go through the BT screen"?
    This is what I do in EE2:

    Pull down (not sure how it's called, just pull down the finger from the top of the screen) > Sensors > Add Sensor > Heart Rate

    Nothing is found

    Even after I added manually (I know the ANT ID) it can't connect.

    But I know the fenix6 does broadcast on ANT because I manage to see it and connect to it from the simulator (using USB-ANT stick)

  • So on Edge 2 I go Sensors:> Add sensor > Search All > and “Heart rate Vivosmart 5” shows up with a check box. That’s the Bluetooth option. Below that is “Show ANT sensors” tap on that and I get “Heart rate 860315” so I presume that’s the ANT connection.

  • There’s no ANT USB stick with Vivosmart 5. Just a USB charge cable. Sounds like the Fenix is different. 

  • In Search All i only get "Show Bluetooth Sensors" only. Within it also there's only Heart Rate Fenix 6.

    The USB stick didn't come with Fenix, i just used it to prove (to myself) that the problem is not in the Fenix side.