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Garmin Explore 2 firmware version 5.17 and not able to update

I recently bought an Explore 2 which states as firmware version 5.17 and there doesn't seem to be any way of upgrading that.

I have tried from the device, from Garmin Express and the mobile app. They all say its up to date but if I m not wrong this version is way too old and the 8.06 is already out.

  • You are not wrong. I'm not sure if there is such thing in Edge devices but in watched there are different versions:: ww (world wide) and APAC (Asia Pacific) and usually the APAC devices get the updates much later if at all.

    The other strange thing is: 5.17. there was no such version IMHO. R you sure you have EdgeExplore2? 

  • Completely sure that I have the Edge Explore 2. I m replacing the previous Explore so I have both at the moment.
    Software version 5.17
    GPS version 6.00
    Connect IQ Version 4.1.4

    These is the info I get when I go to the About section in the device (Copyright info has the details)

    I m located in the UK by the way, and bought it from Amazon.

  • Strange.
    I did a factory reset, still in 5.17, restarted a couple of times, connected and disconnected on my computer and suddenly the Garmin Express changed the version to 8.06. Removed from the computer and asked me to update. So something sorted it out. Now its on the latest version.