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Issue with courses and navigation


I'm trying to configure my Edge Explore 2 only to notify me with signal warning when i'm off course.

So I created on Garmin Connect new course of type "other" and disabled "Turn Notifications" option.
Also I did turn off "Turn Guideance" and turn on "Off Course Warning".

If the "Course Points" are enabled on course, I'm having directional arrows and I'm getting sound notification on every turn or crossroad and also when I'm off course.
If the "Course Points" are disabled, there is no notification sounds even when I'm off course and no directional arrows.
Course Recalculation is set to Auto Pause and Route Recalculation is set to Off.
Also played with recreating courses and clear cache on courses, without luck.

This really drives me nuts. In past, I managed to have this configured on Fenix 6 Pro and Edge 830 without a problem, but here, either you have very noisy device sending beeps every 100 meters or you'll have silenced device.

Also, I managed to delete unwanted two activity profiles, but now I see you cannot recreated them back.
Probably factory reset will help, but I don't want to go in that direction.

Software version is 7.09

Anyone experienced similar issues?