Training effect data fields in Garmin Connect (Explore 2)

I was pleasantly surprised to see training effect data fields in my first few Explore 2 rides. I didn’t think these features were supported by the device.

But not everything is there - there is an Exercise Load value (is that out of 100?), but the anaerobic and aerobic fields have no data. I’m using the heart rate broadcast from my watch (Vivomove Style - not a watch that supports training effect)

Is there a reason why these fields are empty? Or is it a mistake that they‘re even there? I don’t fully understand what’s required to get these training effect fields generally, perhaps I’m not exercising hard enough?

For reference, the thresholds of this particular ride:

  • Strange, I just checked my last 3 rides in GCM and I only have 1 line in the Training Effect section: Exercise Load. It's the same on rider where I had Polar H10 broadcasting to EE2, or my fenix6 broadcasting, or without HR.

  • Bumping, I just got an Edge Explore 2 and I am having the same problem.  My first ride I tracked with both my Fenix 6s Pro as well as the Expore 2 and assumed it was something to do with that, so the next ride (several days later) I was very careful not to start an activity on my Fenix and still had the same issue.  I still see the Time in Heart Rate Zones information (and I was using two different types of HRMs each time/different brands even), so the issue seems to be strictly related to the Edge Explore 2 at this point.