feature-request: automatically turn on backlight while riding at night

Tonight I had a ride and I wasn't able to see anything on the screen because it was pitch-dark. I had to touch the screen to turn on the back-light, but then it also entered some "mode" where the top and bottom of the screen was not visible and even the middle part was "grayed out". One of the main reasons I purchased the Edge was because I didn't want to look at my watch while riding. But ironically it would be better if I used the watch, because then it would turn on the backlight when I do a gesture to look at the watch...

Currently we can set the Backlight Timeout to: Stays On | 15s | 30s | 1m | 2m.

Please add a new mode: "auto" or "auto on at night" - ideally automatically detecting when it's night (as it has the Color Mode: auto, so it knows when it's night) and also I'd like the light to be on only when I'm moving. I can touch the screen when it's auto paused because I stopped, and it can save battery.

Optionally it would also be OK (though probably it would make some other people not happy because of the battery drain) if the Night color mode (and of course also when it's set to auto and it is switched to night mode) would also turn on the backlight.

Or if the setting of the backlight would not be a global setting but somehow tied to the night mode.