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change my profile to mtb for strava?

why when i load an activity on strava i get gravel even if i change my profile to mtb?
Can it be fixed?
Thank you

  • Can it be fixed?

    This is also criticized by buyers everywhere in the forums or on Amazon.
    GARMIN does not react to this.
    The profiles are fixed!
    You can only change the name and the data pages. The profiles as they appear in Garmin Connect or on Strava always remain the same.

  • Unfortunately even any change you make to an activity in Garmin is not synced to Strava after it was already synced once. And considering that i always get the notification about the new activity from Strava and only a few seconds later from garmin , it looks like they first sync it from the watch to the Garmin cloud, then it seems to be synced to Strava from the Garmin cloud while or before it's synced from the cloud to GCM. And only after that you can edit the activity, the change is never synced to Strava so you have to do the same change in Strava as well.

    So after every ride you'll have to change the type both in GCM and Strava, and if you change anything else (i.e activity name) you also have to do it twice

  • This is a probleem that can be fixed. Just let us edit the off road profile. No need to add profiles or any think Just edit the existing profiles. I would be so nice and consummer friendly.Grimacing

  • I'm looking forward to this update. What I need is the MTB riding mode so that I don't have to change activity type after each ride.

  • You also can't assign the devices to the different profiles. This is so bad. What's so complicated about that?
    Of course, athletes have different bikes for different cycling activities, such as indoor or mtb.
    Each time you have to edit everything manually. Sooo inconvenient.

    The desire to be able to assign equipment like different bikes to different biking activities has been here for at least 5 years.
    Nothing happens.

  • Garmin could do it, all other devices got it, just the Explore 2 not. A limitation that no one understands why, since in the end it's still not a cheap device

  • GARMIN Team
    Please unlock "Ride type" in profiles. I don't have Gravel bike. Every my ride is recognized as Gravel, but I use MTB bike. I must manual change activity after each ride from Gravel to MTB. This is only one small stamps to change in software but it is embarrassing for everyone who use other bike than Gravel. Please allow to change bike type in Garmin EDGE Explore 2 in next software update.

    MTB profile is possible to exist in this model (but not in 7.09 software version).

  • The limitation to three profiles is one thing. But not being able to change the existing ones is another. At leas I would like to change the existing ones. I do not need the Indoor profile and would like to use it for gravelbiking instead.

  • And also that although the renaming of a profile on the device is possible but in the end has no effect at all in Garmin Connect.
    That makes no sense at all.
    The user gets completely confused

  • I have the same problem, i want MTB profil  ! it was possible on my 130plus but now it's always writing "gravel" ! even if i change the name, it doesn't change all the informations, especially the mtb dynamics ! so bad !!!