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Is firmware 6.04 really available? (Running 5.09, can't find 6.04)

Hi! I've been annoyed by the slow loading speeds of the Komoot app (takes 30+ seconds to change page), aswell as (almost) perpetual phone syncing so I looked around for a FW upgrade. I'm on 5.09 and this post states that 6.04 is available.

However, I can't find it in either the Connect IQ phone app nor the Garmin Express Mac app. Contacted the Swedish support, and they said that 5.09 is the latest according to their "internal systems", even after I sent the link above.

Anyone running 6.04? Is it perhaps only rolled out in the US or something like that? Anyone know of a way to force an update or do a manual install?

  • Thanks, but it just not available for me. I've gotten notifications for app updates (Komoot etc) through both GC (on the phone) and GE (on my mac) but it doesn't find the FW update.

  • New unit required connection via Express to update to 6.05 today!

  • Thanks, I got the 6.05 a couple of days ago. I'm guessing the 6.04 rollout was halted due to some bug and that's why I couldn't find it.

  • hi there from Shanghai, China. i just connected my unit to Garmin Express and 6.04 is NOT YET AVAILABLE. current firmware 5.16 is the latest for me. i guess it depends on your location just like on smartphones (firmware release is restricted to geographical location). i'll just be waiting until this or a later one will be available to install either via Garmin Express or Garmin Connect (although i find this method is slower and sometimes shows SENDING LATEST SOFTWARE to unit but doesn't progress after a slow download, only about 5% according to the blue progress line on my iPhone). FYI Blush

  • and yes 6.05 is also not available.

  • I am a new customer and my garmin Edge Explore 2 is running 5.0.9, thanks to a link in this forum. Garmin Connect on the computer notify me that's the update 6.05 is available but my Garmin explore 2 does not load this update. Since my computer is running linux, no Garmin express available. How to process ?

    Thanks for your tips,

  • try Garmin Connect on your smartphone

  • update done, thanks a lot