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Size of Blue Triangle when navigating is too small

Dear Garmin, please can you provide a software update to allow users the option to make the blue triangle indicating your current position larger. At present the blue triangle is very small and sometimes it’s quite difficult to see it on the screen map when following a route. 

Having looked at historical posts on this forum it seems that this has been an issue for a while and many people have exactly the same problem. If you are able to make this change it would improve things a lot for many people. Thanks.

  • I’ve just changed from the explore to explore 2 and today I was thinking exactly this that the triangle is far far too small!! The should be an option to make the small/medium/large etc … you can seThumbsupit without struggling …

  • Yea I know what you mean and for me it’s bottom middle , however itv would be better if stood out more Thumbsup

  • Well I’ve spoken to garmin vii I a twitter on this and logged it w with the update query thing online…as you say it’s far far too small should be as least 3 times bigger! I’ve said tov them tivc either give the option to choose our own size plus if n option to also choose the colour of it.. when you are asked to turn , the white then arrows are great this is how your triangle should be…. I’ve the explore 2 and it’s a nightmare if glancing down to see where you are.

  • Do you have the Garmin set to North up? I suppose in that situation a larger triangle would be helpful to better show the direction of travel. But if the Garmin is set for Track up, the triangle is always in the same place.  How would a larger triangle be beneficial if you know it is always in the same place? However, I would like it slightly larger. Has anyone tried to cut a piece of tape to form a triangle and paste it on the screen?

  • I have mine set to track up, yea you know roughly where is is but itv would be better if bigger if say you have gone off course orcsuici want to see where you are to what’s coming up.  Although you can just make it out it’s not defined enough as others have said. But that’s just an opinion 

  • I submitted your suggestion too :-)