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Size of Blue Triangle when navigating is too small

Dear Garmin, please can you provide a software update to allow users the option to make the blue triangle indicating your current position larger. At present the blue triangle is very small and sometimes it’s quite difficult to see it on the screen map when following a route. 

Having looked at historical posts on this forum it seems that this has been an issue for a while and many people have exactly the same problem. If you are able to make this change it would improve things a lot for many people. Thanks.

  • I totally agree with this. Navigation triagle is very small.
    please make navigation triangle larger in next firmware

  • Since this forum is user to user and Garmin representatives do not read every post, the best way to suggest a product improvement is to use the Share idea form.

  • Many thanks for this information. I have done exactly as you had suggested and submitted the idea for product improvement directly to Garmin using the link you have provided. 

    My suggestion reads as follows “I have an Edge Explore 2. When navigating the blue triangle which indicates your current position is far too small and quite difficult to see. The blue triangle needs to be much larger than this on the map. I think that you should release a software update increasing the size of the blue triangle and/or giving users the option to increase the size. It is worth noting that many other users on the Garmin forum have indicated that they have this problem also; they agree that the current position blue triangle on the map is too small and would like for it to be increased in size. If you are able to fix this issue you will be helping a lot of people out. Many thanks.”

    Hopefully they will read it and maybe one day this change will be included in a software update. 

  • I wish I could be more optimistic about Garmin increasing the size of the triangle but my first Garmin was a 705 which came out I guess around 2008. Users back then were asking about increasing its size. I’d like Garmin to explain why this suggestion can not be done. The option was available for awhile. I guess since it stays in the same spot, they feel there is no need for it to be larger. However, my old eyes need all the help they can get. 

  • Totally agree with this. Even so, for me not only this arrow, but also all other arrows, roads, text, etc. is very small for my "old" eyes. Increasing the whole screen size by having a generic zoom would be a more than nice to have. I have submitted this as an idea via the same link as other indicated in their replies.

  • I don't have an Explore 2, just the original Explore, but I suspect there's an option buried in the settings of Explore 2 that will allow you to enlarge the text of the maps. 

    As a reference: On the original Explore if you go in Settings-->Ride Settings-->Map-->Map Visibility you'll find the following options: Zoom Levels; Text Size (Points, Streets, etc.); Detail; Shaded Relief.

    My eyesight isn't what it used to be so I've set the Street Label option in Text Size to "Large" and the Detail to "Less". Make for easier reading at a glance. 

    Poke around the settings menus. They're not particularly intuitive but they contain many options for customization.

  • thanks LINGUINEE....i found some similar settings on my Explore 2 but i agree with the OP that there should be some sort of customization available to edit the color/appearance if not the icon of the current position. this was avaiable for Garmin Nuvi Car GPS units of which i had 2 models. i could change my icon to something else like a buggy or even a hang glider aside from other appearance changes available to users. i precisely came to this forum searching for this topic.

  • FYI, go to ACITVITY PROFILES > ROAD (or choose your training mode) > NAVIGATION > MAP > APPEARANCE > ADVANCED > xxxxxxxx   (you can edit any one of the options like TEXT SIZE, SHADED RELIEF, etc) . hope this helps. happy and safe cycling. Blush

  • I think that the request to enlarge the arrow icon during navigation is justified,
    because when setting the navigation commands to "map" the map with the guidance command is displayed,
    and in this instruction the map stands and moves only the navigation arrow. Well, this arrow is too small.
    It would be good (perhaps somewhere in the settings) to enable the option to make the navigation arrow bigger.

    What about Garmin?
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    Most people would agree with you, but I am now ok with it because:

    if I'm on North up, the cursor is always right in the middle of the screen

    If I'm on track up (which I rarely use), the cursor is always in the bottom middle of the screen.

    Knowing where to look makes finding the arrow a lot easier.