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Navigation Map requires return to home and glance to search for locations?

A thing that's driving me bonkers about the Edge 840 and apparently is similar on the 1040 according to Garmin customer support, is you can no longer tap on the top area of the Map Navigation data screen to open location searching.

I swear you've been able to do that going back to the Garmin 810 and it's pure muscle memory. It works on the 830 I still have and am now jealous I gave to my wife.

Unless anyone knows how to fix this, currently in order to change routing / search for a POI / select a location to navigate to I have to -

Get the prompt to return to home screen out of my currently running activity -

Carefully swipe past the summary of the last ride that takes up the top half of the home screen, hoping I don't accidentally tap it and open those stats -

Tap on the Navigation or search location glances that cannot be placed any higher on the home screen -

Return back into my activity.

I used a Garmin 810 to ride solo several thousand miles across Canada and its navigation probably saved my bacon on two badly planned nights where I didn't make it to food or campsite by sundown. No idea why such a simple easy interface was turned into something so complicated. According to Garmin Customer support who tested an 840 and 1040 while I was on phone with them this is how the new software custom functions and there's no way around it.

Open to any solutions if you all got them.