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When I plug in my 840 to the charger, it turns on but after a few minutes it turn off and you can not see how far the edge is charged. You have to press the power button. There is also no signal when it is fully charged. Is this normal?

My edge 830 had a charging screen and a beep sound up when it was full.

  • No one have this problem? Slight smile

  • No, I don't have this issue

  • better to make a video and upload here , i have (same) problem with charging too but i always forget (and i am too tired from the high training load) to record my issue. but next time i will for sure.  (what i noticed, it matters which state was active when you plug it in and where, i mean, completely shut down stat, sleep state, or active state, and to a computer as mass storage mode and from that the charging is starting, or to a wall /phone/ charger directly.) So every circumstances is important to detect the exact issue. 

  • Yes my solar 840 is doing this as well. It seems to have to do with sleep mode.It is quite frustrating because I will plug in the device and the screen indicates charging but soon after, the device goes to sleep and charging stops. I come back to the device to go on a ride the next day only to find it is only charged 5 percent or so.

    The work around is to make sure you do a proper shutdown or reboot/shutdown before you charge.