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Widget apps on edge 840

 Hi all, I wonder what did Garmin changed to the Widget functionality of the new edge lineup.
E.g. I used the widget Accuweather on my edge 830. Very helpful to look for rain and wind direction/speed.
The same widget app doesn't appear on my 840 in the widgets, but only as IQ App. Practically not usable during an activity
Why is that, are there any 3rd party widgets for the new devices like 540, 840 and 1040?

I also tried an Widget app from SDK samples. It also does not appear in the widgets, only as IQ apps

  • I'm with you on this! I used the Accuweather on my 830 also, can't use it properly on my 840 :(

    Hope it can move to the widget screen soon

  • With the 1040 and 840, there are now CIQ glances on the home page.  I can't say if Accuweather has been made available or not.

    You can get back to the home page, and the glances, at anytime by tapping the screen in an activity page, and then tapping the home icon at the bottom.  This does not end your activity recording.

    As long as the CIQ glance / app doesn't support activity recording itself, you can launch the full app by tapping on the glance.

    If the CIQ app does support activity recording, it'll just display a message that you can't launch it while recording another activity.  You'll still be able to see whatever data is displayed in the glance though.

  • I actually view this as a big improvement for CIQ over what was there before and makes it more consistent with the watches.

  • I found out, I can access 3rd party widgets during an activity: pull down widgets=>settings=>scroll down to Connect IQ=>there are all 3rd party widgets, you can access during an activity too. But what the h*ll?
    Using glances during an activity is also anything but convinient: tap screen=> tap home icon=> search through all the glances=> tap your glance=> tap back=> scroll up=> tap activity profile to go back to your data screens.
    just as example on the older SDK devices like 830 it was: swipe down=> swipe left or right to your widget=> swipe up. Done

    Why did garmin decide to forbid 3rd party widgets in the widget list??

  • Why did garmin decide to forbid 3rd party widgets in the widget list??

    Did they, or is it that IQ developers haven't yet modified their apps to work properly on the 840?  That's been my assumption so far, but that may be incorrect. 

  • I think much of the issue here is naming.  On the Edge, the pages you can load with a down swipe are called widgets, but you could never add CIQ widgets to this list. These are really more analogous to Controls on the watches, which have never had CIQ support - unfortunately.  

    Widgets as they were known, are kind of disappearing even on watches.  They've completely gone to the glance model on most devices.  Here on the 1040/840, glances are where CIQ is at.  So the model is really working just like on watches. 

  • as for today, you can not bring your app into widgets on the 40 lineup. all the widget apps are listed in the connect IQ as apps. you can though make your app as glance on the main screen. but the widgets are now locked for garmin's widgets only. no 3rd party apps.

  • but edge 40 lineup still has "swipe down widgets", the watches dont. that's the difference

  • Oh, wow, wtf. I just got an 840 yesterday and the UI changes have been shocking enough, but I use this widget all the time. It's usually what shows when I pull down. I'm leaning closer and closer to returning the 840 and instead refurbishing my 830, and I haven't even ridden with it yet.

  • thanks...awful on garmin s part