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Map Controls

During an activity, the map controls should disappear after a few seconds of inactivity.

On the map, there are four controls: plus & minus to zoom the map, hand to pan the map and an arrow to change the map's orientation (track up vs. north up).  These controls overlay the map and cause the map to be cluttered.  Tapping the screen should cause the controls to appear and after a period of inactivity (a few seconds) the controls should disappear.

  • If Garmin gets rid of the controls always on 'feature' please post again here. It's a deal breaker for me as it is. I'll stay with 830 for now.  Thanks

  • Some might call it false & misleading advertising, “pictures” of screens like that appear in all the marketing materials for the 1040 for almost 12 months and now the same for the 540/840 despite the map screen never looking like that. I too would prefer less clutter, the controls being removed after a few seconds AND smaller chevron / arrows that don’t obscure much of the screen. The smaller but more frequent chevrons much more clearly identify the route which is (for me) 95% of "navigation"..Seems Garmin's marketing department agrees with us but no-one has told the developers?

  • Garmin should make this user configurable. There are some users that like the quick access to the map controls and other users prefer the map to be less cluttered.  I personally don't use the map controls that often so having the map less cluttered is more important to me.

    I also noticed on the ClimbPro (free climbing) screen the map does not contain the icons until you tap the map. I believe this was done because the map is so small since it only occupies the top portion of the screen.  As was done with the ClimbPro screen, the ability to remove the icons from all the map screens should be supported.

  • the more of us requesting an enhancement, the more chance it will happen.

    Please log here:

  • Garmin please get rid of the always on map controls and the big white circle of the North arrow. I want to see as much map as possible because the screen size is already limited. The old way worked perfectly. Stop 'fixing' things that are not broken.

  • I can only agree. Too much clutter on the map. Plus these “recalculating” overlays which take up half the screen and cannot be cancelled right away (screen unresponsive).
    Plus backlight which is sometimes too dark (set on auto) -> I really felt lost on my recent ride.

  • +1.

    Garmin, please change this or make configurable.

    "-" "+" and "hand" should be hiding after timeout like on 820 and 830.

  • *push that Thread*

    Totally agree with you all.
    I bought mine 840 two days ago and realized also that there is no possibility to deactivate the plus & minus to zoom the map, hand to pan the map and an arrow to change the map's orientation.
    This is really annoying and please Garmin, reply to this request, let me know that you're working on it, otherwise I will give the 840 back to the seller and will buy an older 830.
    I want to see as much as possible on the screen, I want to let the Map look like on your Marketing-Material pictures, this is not fair to your customers!

  • Can someone confirm that it's also not possible to deactivate the Map-Controls on the 1040, please?

  • No one's jumping in so I will. I don't have a1040 but my understanding is that these map controls can't be disabled on 1040 either. That's not a problem on the huge 1040 display but its nuts on the tiny 840 display.